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King of the 10 tribal nations Oluwajagun

He sees them all as his family. He also wants to protect the source of power that keeps the balance of the world. He is quiet and does not like conflict. But when protecting he is relentlessly and has no mercy. Built like a middle weight UFC fighter. Has the power to use all elements around him to create his armor and weapons. He is still learning the true extent of his power even at the young age of 200. Obatala (God of creation) sees him as the true embodiment of Orisha. After pushing our Spawn of Esu and Sapona out of his land he found the location of 8 tribes. However even after doing this The leaders of each tribe would not accept him as the one king. One other reason they did not accept him is because his was not able to rid them of Spawn of Esu and Sapona.

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