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Daisi Co leader of the igbesi aye tribe now the Ọya 

Daisi was not always his name, no one but his wife Ilerioluwa knows his real name. He was a doctor like most people in the Ọya tribe. During the rule of Esu meje almost all of his tribesmen were either killed or tortured because they tried to treat the injured even when specifically told they weren’t supposed to. Daisi, his wife Ilerioluwa and his tribe were experimented on with the power of Ife. The experiments caused physical pain and sometimes death. Daisi and Ilerioluwa was able to gain power from this and with the help of Oluwajagun They were able to free themselves from enslavement. Daisi was one of the greatest healers of his time and his healing powers grow more powerful when enslaved. However, after the experiments he now can only cause dead and more ungodly powers. This is partly why the tribe is segmented now and why he changed his name.

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