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Aboderin the Ina (fire) tribe

Aboderin is know for being in the house of Ominira. The fire tribe have been segmented since the 7 infiltrated their leader’s ranks and some say that are still pulling the string in the Ina tribe. Aboderin is related to the former fire leader who was assassinated by the seven. Like the king Oluwajagun Aboderin is trying to bring his people together “by any means possible.” He is a fierce warrior but because of his past does not trust many people unless you can beat him in dame (fighting style in nigera from the hausa people), which only the king has done. With the current situation of his tribe can the king bring the Ina together with the other tribes? It has been said his father is a decented of Shangó rules over lightning, thunder, fire, the drums and dance.

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